Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving down South.... AZ

Since Michelle's parents and several family members were heading up to Medford, OR for our nephew Andrew's baptism we decided to head down to AZ for Turkey Day. We left Wednesday morning the 26th which just so happened to be my 28th birthday. I sure did turn old, but my wife will always be a reminder that I will always be younger than her. On the voyage down we were accompanied by my sister Rachael and her "friend" that is a boy named Steve. We had a great trip down through Utah, but I got the best or worst birthday present in Page, AZ, a TICKET.... Yes you heard me right, a ticket. Don't you think they should have a law that allows you to get out of a ticket on your birthday, well Michelle thought I would get off, but the police officer had no mercy. I have to admit I do speed a little, but Michelle comforted me by saying that even if she were driving she would have gotten the ticket. After that tragic event we made our way through Flagstaff.

Now for those of you that don't know my grandparents use to own a cabin in Mund's Park just south of Flagstaff and as kids we enjoyed spending time with our family and relatives hanging out, going to the candy store (gas station), swimming, fishing, swinging, and just having fun. We would usually get a big family group together around the 4th of July and while we waited for the fireworks to start we would do talent shows. It was always a blast. Well, after Grandma died the cabin was sold and now about six years later we decided to see what it looked like. As we got off the exit and made our way past the candy store (gas station) Rachael and I played our favorite cabin game of who sees the cabin first. Both of us said we saw it, but of course as usual we hadn't. As we rounded the corner and it came into view we saw just how different it looked. It got a face lift on the outside. We parked in front across the street and looked out the car window. We turned the car around to get a better picture and a woman sitting on the deck asked what we wanted. We told her our family use to own the cabin and we just wanted to get a picture. She replied that she was actually just talking to her sister about our family that very moment and she invited us in. It was sad to see how it had all changed. The kitchen was updated and the furniture was to big for the space. Most of the small little wall heaters that we use to sit around had been removed, but I could still picture how it was when I was a little kid. We took our pictures and then parted ways with our childhood memories.

Traffic into and through Phoenix was bad as usual. It took us a good two hours to get through it all, but we had some great conversation, music, and company. Our favorite part was as we sat in the 2 mph traffic Michelle blurts out that she farted. I don't think it took more than a second for the whole car to bust out in laughter for about ten minutes. When I asked why she announced that she had farted she replied with, "I thought you guys heard it and I hate it when people don't confess." That is why I love her so much. She is so honest not to mention lady like.

We made it home in 12 hours and we finished the night off celebrating my birthday with pizza and presents. Scott, my younger brother of seven years, shares a birthday with me, but had a wedding reception. I enjoyed opening gifts because I don't remember the last time I really got anything for my birthday. It just not something we really celebrate with my siblings. I loved the helicopters that Michelle gave me, but they ended up having a problem with them and we returned them. I hope to get a better one.

Our time in AZ was spent relaxing and hanging out with family. Thanksgiving Day was warm enough to eat outside and it just happened to be my sister Emily's birthday. I enjoyed seeing cousins and aunts and uncles and eating lots of food.

Friday we went on a hike up Camel Back Mountain with Becky and Brian. It had been a long time since the last time and there were about a thousand people doing the same thing. The weather was nice once again and we got to wear shorts.

As usual we all headed to the park to ride the train at Freestone Park. It costs several dollars, but the parents always pay, and it just goes around the park and lake one time. The little kids love it and it is like tradition. All in all the few days we spent in AZ were great. We enjoyed having everyone together except for Christin's family and hope that it will happen again soon.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Domestic?..........YES!!!!!! Part 2 The Bosch

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Well….now it is official…..I am domestic! This weekend I purchased a Bosch mixing machine. I have only had it for two day but have already fallen in love with it. Yesterday, I made my Grandma Woolley’s famous homemade wheat bread. I cooked it a little long but it still tastes delicious. My grandma warned me that if I started to make bread, I would just end up giving most of it away. Well, she is right. I made five loaves and only have one loaf left. I did not realize how easy it could be to make bread. Kneading the bread is the hardest thing but this machine does that part for you. I also bought a 35 pound bucket of wheat at the store but now need to get a wheat grinder. That might have to wait until my birthday.

This morning I woke up and made cinnamon rolls. They turned out okay. I used a new recipe and think I will continue to use my old recipe. I took some to a few of our neighbors and then the rest to Kim and Mark’s house for the party after the baby blessing. It has been a fantastic weekend. I am excited to make new things and am open for any suggestions.

As many of you know, my dream is to have my own quilting/craft store. Well, I am one step closer to fulfilling that dream. I have also started to make little baby booties. I bought an assortment of colors and have spent hours doing this little project. After I made the last few sets, I decided to take a break and finish another project I have been working on for approximately 7 years, a crocheted blanket. I joked with Andrew that as soon as this project was done, I was ready to have a baby. He told me that I could not finish this project yet.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Before I got married, I frequently told my friends that I was going to become domestic after I got married. Why I thought that this would just happen naturally once I got married, I will never know. I thought that I would be the perfect little wife and do all of those things that perfect little homemakers do. Well, after six months, I have taken some big steps to become domestic.

Our ward hosted a bread making class. Sister Saxton, a seasoned bread-maker, taught the class. First we learned how to make delicious wheat bread. I had to laugh because even the best bread-maker had some troubles. The wheat grinder lid was not on and flour flew everywhere and then the mixer was not on properly and the liquids flew out of the bowl. It was very entertaining. Even after all of those problems, the bread turned out fantastic. She also taught us how to make scones, bread sticks, pie crusts, and rolls. Next week we are learning how to make homemade noodles for soup. The best part about the classes is that we get to sample the items and then take some home. Well, recently, I have attempted to make bread sticks and dinner rolls and both of them tasted nothing like Sister Saxton’s. The bread sticks were dry and dense. The rolls were too airy and probably did not have enough flour because I ran out. I am determined to not give up and am positive that if I owed a bosch I could become a pro.

Last Saturday, I spent four hours with my Grandma Woolley hemming my pants. This is a task that my mom always did so willingly for me. A few years ago I received the best Christmas present ever-my own sewing machine. I am sad to say that after 2 years it is still in the box. Well, my grandma and I worked side by side and hemmed 4 pairs of pants. They were all the perfect length and look great on me. I decided to leave the levi’s alone-they for sure need the professionals. I am so glad that I have my grandma right next door. She helps me out constantly.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Crazy Eightzzzzz

I don't usually like to do this, but it didn't seem like it would take too much time and since I love Robbie and Sara so much I thought I would give it a try.

We're It........

We were tagged by the the gr8 Sara and Robbie....

8 TV Shows We Love To Watch
30 Rock
The Office
Eli Stone
Las Vegas

8 Favorite Restaurants
Red Robin
Cafe Rio
Texas Road House
Olive Garden
Apollo Burger
Cheesecake Factory
T.G.I. Fridays
Panda Express

8 Things That Happened Yesterday
Went to work
Had dinner with grandparents
Celebrated 6 months of marriage
Looked at blogs
Made crafts (Michelle)
Watched TV
Listened to Music

8 Thinks We're Looking Forward To
Next weekend (I don't work)
Thanksgiving in Arizona with the Fam
Getting in shape (both of us)
A house (one day)
Children (one day)
A Dog (maybe before the children)
Not having to wake up at 4am for work
School to be over

8 Things On My Wish List
A new car
Wave runners
A Dog
Four Wheelers
Our Very own Cook
Candice Olsen to design the whole inside of our house when we get one.
Did I mention a Dog

8 People To Tag
Allyson and Paul
Emily and Ryan
Becky and Brian
Nicole and Tony
Debbie and Ben
Shan and Jed
Kim and Mark