Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another New Year...... Lots of posts!

So this post is just a few weeks late, but as those of you who follow our blog it isn't surprising that most of the events get posted at one time for hours of reading enjoyment......... Since I wrote that first line another month has almost past and it is really about time we get something up here. I have heard enough from others on how we need to give them something to look at so we have decided to get it done. Both Michelle and I, yes you heard right, Michelle included, will be writing posts and they will get posted today before midnight. I hope you find all the new ones and don't skip out on following our adventurous lives. If you are reading this post then just know that eight other posts are now up and ready featuring topics on: Michelle’s Bosch, booties, Thanksgiving in AZ, Martin Christmas party, graham cracker house making with the Maxfields, old roommate Christmas party, Candice Anne Martin’s baby blessing, Christmas Eve and Day, and Sledding. You won’t be disappointed. As this is a New Year I think my one New Year’s Resolution will be to blog on a more regular basis so you don’t have to go out of your minds wondering what we are up to. Let me know how I did at the end of this year.