Sunday, May 22, 2011

Surprise!...... It Was Bound to Happen Again.

I wish I had some great way to tell the world the news, but I lack the creativity of my friend Tim who announced it like this on his blog.  So I will just go ahead and say it..... We're Pregnant! Again.  Michelle is now 15 weeks along today so that puts her due on Nov. 13, 2011.  Over the last few weeks we have been trying to tell our family members in person as much as possible.  While we were down in AZ for my brother's wedding we told my parents and siblings, the last ones to know as usual.  We had our first appointment on the same day as Drew's 15 month appointment so it made for a long day.

To tell Michelle's siblings I sent them all the following video clip via text.  I started it off as just looking at the crazy spring and snowy winter we were having to throw them off.  It worked a little too well because some didn't even watch the video at first because they thought it was just a picture of snow.  I thank the show "Glee" for inspiring the song.  It was while Michelle was in Medford visiting her sister.  We were Skyping when they got the text and it was fun to be able to see their reactions.

For Michelle's parents we put a onsie with a picture of the ultrasound and a note that said, "Surprise, I'm Going to Be a Big Brother November 13, 2011" under Drew's shirt and when we went over to her parents for dinner we asked her mom to take off his shirt since we didn't bring a bib for him to wear.  She wasn't wearing her glasses so she didn't see the note, but then everyone started laughing so she put on her glasses and read the note.  Both her and Glenn were happy.  Michelle's brother Russell and his wife are due on November 1st.  That will make 5 new grand kids in one year.

For my family I decided to use the old, slip it into the conversation, method.  My family was sitting around talking about cars and minivans came into the conversation.  My sister mentioned how having a minivan was great after having her second child because it gave her so much room and they didn't feel cramped with the car seats so I mentioned if that was the case then Michelle and I would need to get one in November.  Everyone kind of laughed and my mom said "Is that an announcement or something." kind of jokingly.  She didn't expect me to say yes, it was true.

Michelle is feeling great so far.  She hasn't been sick at all this whole time.  The doctor will just watch her closely as she goes along to make sure and catch any signs of preeclampsia setting in.  She does have a higher risk of getting it again, but it doesn't always happen and it doesn't always happen in succession.  Since she feels so different everyone thinks its going to be a girl, but I always thought the sicker you felt the more likely it was to be a girl, not the other way around.  I guess we will find out in a few weeks.  Either way we are very excited to have another little one around the house and can't wait to see how our lives change.

Announcing Scott and Megan Cardon

This past weekend my brother Scott got married.  Michelle, Drew, and I headed down after I got off of work on Wednesday.  It seems we have been traveling there a lot, but this was one of the happier occasions over the last few months.  The drive wasn't bad at all and since I was able to get off of work early enough we arrived just a little after 11pm.  We hoped that we would get a good nights rest, but Drew had other plans and kept us up a good portion of the night.  I don't know what was wrong with him.  Thursday morning was spent setting up for the wedding dinner that night, the night before the wedding, and then we were able to hang out and relax for a little while.  The dinner was great.  It was catered by a family with 10 children with Polynesian heritage.  They provided an awesome Hawaiian style dinner.

On the morning of the big day we all got ready and met up at the Mesa, AZ Temple.  We ended up dropping Drew off at the Ferrell's so Ashley could watch him while we were out.  The ceremony ended up starting on time and it was short and sweet.  Scott and Megan looked great in the white clothing.  The Sealer gave some good advice, but didn't overload them with too much to think about and then they were sealed for Time and Eternity.  It was wonderful to have all of siblings and parents in the temple together and it was even more amazing to witness Scott and Megan making this commitment together.

The weather wasn't too hot at all.  The sun was out, but there was a little breeze.  We all hung out for a little while before Scott and Megan were changed and ready to exit the temple.  We took a few shots of us all together then we were free to leave till a little before the reception when we would take a few more pictures together.

Megan's parent's ward was kind enough to provide a meal after the ceremony so we wouldn't have to worry about it.  We thought it might be some type of casserole or lasagna, but it turned out to be Cafe Rio Park salads.  We were pleasantly surprised.  After eating we just went home and relaxed.  Having a lot of girls in her family, Michelle was a little shocked at how little we had to do to prepare for  the reception being on the groom's side of the family.  There was no complaining, just resting. 

Before the reception started we took more pictures by the lake next to Megan's house.  The bride and groom were a little late, but we got what we needed.

The reception was held at Megan's parent's house in the backyard.  They had done a lot of work to get it ready for the big day.  There were lots of lights over head with more wrapped around the trees.  They had a photo prop area where you could get your picture taken, a DJ, dancing, and for food they served an array of appetizers, along with a soft serve ice cream bar, and instead of your traditional cake they had cake balls.  There were a ton of people who attended and it was nice to see some old faces from out of the area.  The was full of laughter, talking, eating, and dancing.  My neices even got into and showed the group their moves.

Drew wasn't feeling well and had a fever so we weren't able to stick around to the bitter end, but we enjoyed the evening very much and the whole day turned out to be wonderful.  Because of  work we had to pack, hit the sack, and get ready to leave in the morning.  Drew had a harder time on the way home, but we were glad when he finally fell asleep.

We had a wonderful time and it was great to be back in Arizona again this year.  I still can't believe that Scott is married, but I know that the two of them will have a good life together no matter what may arise in the years to come.

Congratulations Again!
Scott and Megan Cardon

If you would like to view more or download any of the pics that I took follow the links below:

Party at Rosie's House

My co-worker Rosie wanted to get a group together and have a little potluck.  I have known Rosie for five years.  She worked at LDS Hospital when I was a student doing my internship with them.  She trained me in chemistry and we would eat breakfast together at the cafeteria.  She moved to the new hospital a few months later, but now we have worked together at the central lab for over 3 years.  She has a beautiful house up on the hill in North Salt Lake.  It was great to talk to each other outside of work.

Drew had a great time exploring the house.  We had to keep an eye on him because her house isn't made for little kids.  Her one daughter lives in California and her husband actually lives out of the country for work.  They see each other every couple of months. 

My favorite part about having a party at Rosie's house is that she will cook a lot of great food.  I couldn't get enough, but at the end of it all I did because I couldn't eat any more.

Thanks Rosie for inviting us over.  We had a lot of fun and can't wait for the next one.  I guess since I have a house of my own we could invite everyone over there.