Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Shot the Sheriff, but I didn't Shoot my Son.......

The nurse did. Drew had his four month appointment and unfortunately it included getting another round of shots. Michelle and I were both able to be there for his appointment to see what the doctor had to say. Drew is definitely growing, but I think he has slowed down a little. Here are his 4 month Stats:
Height: 24.6 in (37%)
Weight: 12 lbs 6 oz (7%)
Head: 16.1 in (18%)

He did cry when they stuck him three times in the sides of his legs, but after some Tylenol and a little rest he was back to his little self.

Monday, May 24, 2010

My Wife...... The Wonder Woman

This past Saturday Brett's, Michelle's sister's husband, work was putting on a fundraiser. The event included a 33 mile bike ride that started near the top of a Tooele canyon and ended in the parking lot of Brett's Credit Union. Brett, Aubrey, and Dyana also participated in the ride. Michelle finished the event with little trouble. I am amazed at her dedication. With the baby she hasn't exercised as much as she would like, but she didn't let that stop her. She is my Wonder Woman.

There she is with Dy at one of the rest stops.

The Group: Michelle, Dy, Aubrey, and Brett

I'm so proud of you guys. You are my heroes!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Drew's Rollover

A few weeks ago, Michelle put Drew down on the couch for some tummy time, under proper adult supervision, and he rolled over. Now Drew rolled over when he was younger, but more out of anger for having put him on his stomach than out of actually knowing what he wanted to do. He had also done it with a little help from Michelle, but this was the first time he was just plain happy and wanted to roll over. After it happened once I told Michelle I wanted her to take him off the couch and put him on the ground in case the soft couch was helping him. I wanted to prove he could do it for real, so we placed him on the ground and he rolled three more time. We took this video of him doing it for his third time. Please be patient. When I played it back for Michelle, she thought we just sounded crazy during the whole thing. I got the same response from my co-workers when I showed them the video.

In the video he was getting tired, but with the words of encouragement from his parents he used as much energy as he could and completed the tast. We are so proud of him. Michelle wanted so much to be able to tell the doctor at Drew's four month appointment that he could roll over and now she can. Drew might be a little smaller than most kids his age, but he's not letting his challenges in the past stop him in any way. Now along with his coming four month mark we could start him on more solid foods. We aren't sure if he'll be ready for that, but he surprises us every day so we will let you know.

One Blessing and an Anniversary

This weekend was one of the best ever. My parents were able to drive up a few days early to spend time with us ,and my sister Rachael, before the blessing. We didn't have too many plans, but managed to have fun together. We went to one of Michelle's favorite places to eat, Texas Roadhouse, and I made some mean hamburgers over at the Woolley's, and we made it to my parent's favorite spot to eat ice cream, Leatherby's. All of that stuff was great, but the main reason they came to visit was to see Drew and they got a good taste of that. Sunday came and it was a beautiful day outside, a little cold, but the sun was shining. Michelle and I took some pictures with Drew really fast before church started.

My sister Emily's husband, Ryan, and some of his family members, started a matching tie business, , and gave me a set of matching ties for us to wear. I think we looked very handsome.

The blessing and Sacrament meeting were beautiful, at least in my mind, and once they were over we invited everyone over to the Woolley's for a Mexican Fiesta. Before heading over my parents wanted a few quick shots with Drew and us.

We had quite the party over at the Woolley's and I don't think anyone went hungry. We don't let that happen on the Martin side. It was great to see so many family members together as well as friends, some of which had never seen Drew in real life.

We were able to finally get a shot of all three of the Martin grand kid boys that were born within just a few months of each other. Bracken and Nicholas are just over two weeks apart and Drew followed just under three months later. We can't wait till they are a little older and can hang out together and have fun.

My parents had to leave just a few hours after all of the festivities had finished. They wanted to break up the long drive back to Arizona. Before they left they wanted to get just a few more pictures with Drew. My dad wanted to make sure we had one with him holding Drew so he could prove he knew how to hold a baby.

It was fun to have my parents visit and I hope they had a good time.

The blessing day was certainly a special day for me, but what made it even better was Michelle and I were also celebrating our two year anniversary. What better way than to bless the best addition to our Eternal Family. We are looking forward to many more adventures ahead in the eternities to come.
Andrew and Michelle Cardon
May 2, 2008

Cardon Family Pictures...... The Final Product

Over Easter Weekend Michelle, Drew, and I went down to visit my parents in Arizona. While we were all together, and the weather was nice, we decided to take family pictures. The photographer had to do a few touch-ups, but now we have them back. Here is my family. I think we are a good looking bunch.

The Whole Clan

The Whole Clan in a Tree

My Mom and Dad

My Parents and Siblings

The Kids From Oldest to Youngest (Left to Right): Christin, Becky, Emily, Andrew, Rachael, and Scott

Give it up for the Siblings one more Time.

The Maxfield Family: Andy, Christin, Summer, Taylor, Jacob, Joshua, and Kate

The Smith Family: Brian, Becky, Noah, Dean, and Julia

The Ferrell Family: Ryan, Emily, Peyton, Hailey, and Alexis

The Cardon Family: Andrew, Michelle, and Drew



My Parents with all of the Grandkids

Drew 3 Months

I know this is kind of late, but I thought I would just post a few pictures of Drew around his three month mark. He is one cute kid!

We Love that he is beginning to smile more and more each day.