Friday, January 27, 2012

Drew's Two Year Stats

Drew had his two year appointment today.  Drew is a healthy little boy.  He is also one tall and skinny boy with a good size head.  Just look at those eyes looking up at you.  He wasn't sure what to think standing naked on the scale.  Once we got in the room he couldn't stop running around.  His favorite  part is playing with the rolling chair.

Drew's Two Year Stats
Height: 36.3 in (92%)
Weight: 26lbs 4oz (28%)
Head: 50 cm (83%)

Drew looked a little hesitant in most of these pictures, but it wasn't as bad as it seemed, that is until the needle came out and he got poked.  He was tough and didn't let it affect him after a few minutes.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Drew Turns Two!

Drew is now TWO! It is crazy to think that he is growing up so fast.  To celebrate we went down to Orem to open presents and have some cake with some of Michelle's family.  My sister Rachael was also able to make it.

Drew has gotten better and better at opening gifts and it is fun to watch him get excited for what is inside.  He got a book with a collection of Bernstein Bear stories, a basketball hoop, a t-ball set, and a little car.  I think he was most excited to see the toy car, but he does love books.

Once he was done opening all the gifts we set up the basketball hoop and have him give it a try.  Rachael helped him with a few slam dunks and then he tried some shots on his own.

Michelle had to work all day today, but I had the day off so I decided I would make a cake for Drew.  I did a pretty good job at making it as an amateur, but it did crack a little on the drive down to Orem, but it tasted really good regardless of its small flaw.

After eating the cake the kids got to go down in the basement and have some fun.  They put a bunch of foam pads on the stairs and used them as a slide with aunt Nettie.  They then went into the room that holds all of the dolls and doll furniture that Nettie, and Michelle, but mostly Nettie, collected over the years and took some pictures of the kids.

Drew, and the rest of us, had a fun time celebrating his birthday.  The night was perfect, low key, nothing big, but full of fun and family.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Martin Party Week

This past week has been filled with one Martin Party after another.  Michelle's older brother Cameron had some work business to attend to in Utah so he, his wife, and kids decided to come from California to visit.  They are also looking for a new company for Cameron to work with that would station him in Utah.  His current one, based out of Utah, has had him working in California for the past six years with no real indication that he would be returning any time soon.  They already have a house which they built right after they got married, but about two weeks before they closed his job transferred him to California and six years later they have never lived in their house.  This week gave him a great opportunity to start looking for something new and help them make the decision to move back.  While they were her we couldn't help but have a few parties.

The first party was to celebrate their arrival, but also to celebrate Cameron and Rachel's son, Owen's first birthday which was earlier this month.  Everyone was able to make it and have a little dinner and dessert.

Before Owen blew out the candle on his cupcake Drew had to have his turn.  Drew loves blowing out candles and sometimes Michelle will sit at home and light a candle over and over so that Drew can blow it out.

Drew was lucky enough to get an early birthday present from Grammie and Papa.  This little toy train had a remote control used to move it around.  Candice and Nicholas could help but help him unwrap it.

A few days later we decided to go to down town Salt Lake and visit the Church Art Museum.  They have this fun little kids are that they just remodeled which has lots of different activities for the kids.  Candice loved getting dressed up and dancing to the music.  Braeden was the perfect little boy and just sat quietly in his car seat while the other boys went wild all over the place.

They even have a fake garden that the kids can pretend that they are planting seed and then also pick the vegetables out of the ground.  Both Drew and Candice loved this part as well as the mini kitchen set with all of its fake foods.

To finish up the week of parties we decided to have one up at our house.  Jill and Brian were in town with their son Steven for another event and it was great to have them for the night.  We had grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, and everyone else you can think of at the party.

Nettie's fiance, JP, took this opportunity to introduce his mother to all of us.  It can be overwhelming to come to extended Martin party let alone one with just Michelle's immediate family.  The volume is never turned down and there is no mute button, but I think that is what makes the parties so fun.

We did pretty well at getting all of the grand kids that were at the party in one picture.  The only ones that were missing were Jill's kids in Oregon.

The week went by quick, but there was plenty of excitement packed inside.  The Martin's are known for their love of getting together and this week was no different.  We can't wait till we can get back together again, but with Nettie's wedding just a few weeks away we won't be waiting long.