Friday, August 8, 2008

On Broadway

Ok, so Broadway isn't exactly what it was, but we enjoyed it none the less. Since Michelle will be starting a new job, as described in a prior post, that won't allow her to have as much time off we decided to take a little vacation. The origional plan was to go somewhere like California, Oregon, or Arizona, but Michelle just got home from Oregon and is going to California for a few days on her way to Mexico. Arizona could have been an option, but Michelle realized she had to work this weekend and she wanted to be albe to focus on studying for Boards. She felt if we went to far it would affect her ability to study, but if we were closer to home she wouldn't have a problem.
After thinking for a little while we decided to go down to St. George to see two shows at the Tuacahn Theater. I booked a hotel and purchased tickets to The Sound of Music and Les Mis. We left on Wednesday morning and arrived just after 2pm.

There were only three thing on our list of things to do: Eat dinner with one of my mission companions, go to the Sound of Music, and Les Mis. Other than that we had nothing planned. Before the showing of The Sound of Music we met up with one of the first missionaries I trained, Travis Rosenberg. I have to tell you it was great to be able to talk about life and just pick up on our friendship where we left off almost five years earlier. We had a great time, but it was all too short. His wife wasn't able to come, but I assured him I wouldn't let another five years pass before we saw each other again.

Both The Sound of Music and Les Mis. turned out really well. I loved knowing all the songs and be able to sing a long under my breath. The theater is beautiful sitting in between the mountains of red rock. It was a bit warm, but usually around the later half of the production it would cool off.

Now you might be wondering what we did in between out three main events, well I hate to say this, but we ate, and ate, and ate some more. It seemed that every time we finished eating it was time to eat again. We did do a little shopping with no success and a lot of relaxing. It turned out to be a wonderful little vacation. We recommend everyone experience the Tuachan at least once in there life.

One more thing, just when I thought Michelle was done eating out the first thing she wanted to do when we almost home was to go to Wallaby's with her sisters and mom. Don't worry I managed to enjoy it.