Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wicked San Francisco

For Michelle’s 30th birthday we decided to go down to San Francisco and see Wicked. We had tried to get tickets in Utah, but when we realized it was still playing in California and you could get cheaper tickets we decided to make it a vacation and birthday celebration. We left on a Wednesday after Michelle got off of work, traveled half way, and then arrived Thursday early afternoon. We enjoyed a Vietnamese dinner and walk through the streets of San Francisco before going to WICKED. We were both excited. Michelle had seen it in New York and I, being a music lover, had heard the music over and over again. It was great to finally see the whole story in all of its glory. It was well worth the trip. The next few days were spent riding the trolley cars, shopping, Chinatown, Fisherman’s Warf, Ghirardelli Square, good food, and the list could go on. We enjoyed a visit from Michelle’s sister and brother-in-law along with his parents for a quick 24 hour visit along with being able to ride the trolley car down to church. We finished the trip with a visit to an old roommate’s house, Tim Fife and his wife Cami. After some homemade pizza, some Wii, talking, and then sleep, we were back on the road to return to real life.

Classic look of Michelle on vacations, the BAG woman

Our very expensive dessert before seeing Wicked

The theater where we saw Wicked

Us just before seeing Wicked

A look at the stage before Wicked starts

Michelle loved these flowers and just had to get a picture

Ding, ding, ding goes the Trolley

Michelle and I on the trolley. Michelle just loved singing the song (the above caption)

Michelle and I at the bottom of Lombard Street

Breakfast with Jill and Brian along with his parents

Michelle, Me, Brian, and Jill at there hotel before they left back to Oregon
Me at Golden Gate Park

Michelle by this cool bridge in Golden Gate Park

Michelle and I on the beach. It was windy.