Sunday, September 20, 2009

We can't believe......Surprise!

We're gonna be………… Parents!!!

With a due date of March 10th 2010, Michelle is almost 16 weeks along. Now I know it is a surprise to many of you especially with Michelle being so far along and us making excuses every time someone asked us when or if we were ever going to get pregnant, but its true. I’m sure the not now’s or after we know what’s going on with my life and school responses had begun to wear out. Anyway over the last two weeks we have been trying to tell as many people in person as possible without it getting out to the whole world, but now that both sets of our parents have the word we are free to tell everyone else.

Our Dollar Store good news giver
Michelle didn’t have many complaints during the first trimester and had very few moments of sickness. We hope that the rest of the pregnancy goes just as well, but Michelle thinks its just a little time before things get bad for her. We had an ultrasound at twelve weeks and everything looked good and the heart sounded great. The baby has already measured five days ahead of our due date so it might turn out to be a big one. If you are wondering if it will be a boy or a girl, find out on October 14th when we have the ultrasound to find out the gender. Michelle and I can’t wait.

Just a small clip of the baby at 12 weeks
To keep you all busy reading, below is a list of several ways that we have told various family and friends about the little one.

Nettie (Michelle’s Sister)- She was the first one Michelle had to tell, Michelle lasted 12 weeks without saying a word so I figured she deserved to tell someone. I had placed a copy of the ultrasound video from earlier that day on my computer and told Nettie we had a scary video to show her. The video started playing with the baby moving and Nettie just looked at the screen with no response (she was waiting for something to pop out at her). After a few moments she reads Michelle’s name at the top of the screen, reads the name out loud, asks, is this a joke, while we just smiled at her. Seconds later she starts to scream which lasted several minutes. It was hilarious. Since that day she has been bugging us to be able to tell everyone.

Martin Family (Michelle’s Family) - Michelle and I invited her family over for dinner to enjoy some of the salmon I had caught earlier in the week in Oregon. Before we say the prayer Michelle tells her mom she got her a trinket from Oregon. Carol opens the bag and pulls out a piece of clothing. It is a onesie with a picture of the ultrasound on it and the words “Expect me on March 10th, 2010”. Even before reading it she starts to scream. The rest of the family starts laughing and giving congratulation, two minutes later Glenn, her father, says, “your pregnant?” followed by more laughter from the family. After dinner Carol wanted to call everyone and Grandma Woolley wanted to know when she could email the world the good news.

Ben, Debbie, Julie, Kim, and Mark (The ones who set us up on our first date) - When it was time to bless the food, Ben asks me to say the prayer. I give the more frequent or familiar thanks and blessing, but at the end I add, “please bless mine and Michelle’s new baby, in the name of….., amen.” Michelle has her eyes open and sees Kim and Debbie’s eyes open with surprise. I open my eyes and see Ben with a blank look on his face. After a few moments of letting it sink in, congratulations and a few I thought you were pregnant were expressed.

Friends at the Office Party - A group of our friends throw an Office party at one of their new houses. Michelle bakes cupcakes and decorates them with pink and blue frosting. Mark asks why the pink and blue cupcakes? Shan jokingly says because Michelle is having twins, Michelle says no I’m not having twins. Shan says, what do you mean you’re not having twins. Michelle responds with I’m pregnant. Everyone laughs for a few moments before they realize what she’s just said. Again the girls scream with excitement.

Cardon Family (Andrew’s Family) - With all of my siblings and Mom together for lunch I tell my mom that I want to show her a video of the fish I caught in Oregon. I hand her my iPhone with the video of our ultrasound. My mom looks at the video and then says, that’s not a fish. A second later she realizes what she’s looking at and asks in awe, are you pregnant? The rest of the family hears the question, hears Michelle’s response, and then begin to do the girls thing. Later after my dad gets home from work we show him the same onesie we had given to Michelle’s family.

Our FHE group (A group of young couples that meet several times a month) - In the middle of normal conversation half way through the evening I say, “So in terms of announcements, Michelle and I are expecting.” The group looks at me in silence wondering what we’re expecting as if I hadn’t finished my sentence. After a brief pause one of them asks if I’m kidding. I say no and everyone begins to talk at once. Two of the couples with babies have been waiting for us to join them.
Rachael modeling the onesie we gave to Michelle's Mom and my Dad
Michelle and I have enjoyed sharing the news with everyone and are grateful for all the love, support, and joy that everyone has shown toward us. We will be sure to keep you all posted as things progress. If this post hasn’t quenched your thirst for adventure, be sure to check out the other 8 posts we have added in the last two days.
P.S.- If any of the above stories need correction or are missing any important information, please let me know.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Trip to Arizona

So I haven’t been back to Arizona since last Thanksgiving and my sisters had begun to wonder whether I liked them or not, so I decided I did like them and that I would make a visit this past week off. I drove half way right after work on Tuesday and stopped to take a rest at our friend Owen’s house, the same one who takes us river rafting, in Page, Arizona. Michelle couldn’t get Tuesday or Wednesday off so I was by myself. Since Owen didn’t get in till late that night he offered to take me on a morning Mountain Biking trip. I said yes, but was in for an adventure. Needless to say I’m not in shape like I use to be and struggled a little, but I did enjoy myself. We decided we would go hiking the next time I visited. After a quick breakfast I finished the drive. To make the trip even better both Michelle and Rachael flew in Thursday night as a surprise to the rest of the family. You should have heard Christin scream when she saw the two of them at the front door of Emily’s place. We enjoyed spending time together, since it had been almost two years since the last time we had all been together. We caught up on life, ate good food, visited with grandpa Gaisford, ate good Bahama Bucks, and just relaxed. To finish it off we took a visit to see Mita at her rest home. And all got together for one last dinner. The trip has been great and the three of us are dreading the drive back home, but once again we need to get back to reality. Why do we have to work!? We really enjoyed the visit and will be returning for Christmas in just a few months.

Andrew and Michelle with Mom and Dad Cardon

Some of the Fam

The Fam again

From oldest to youngest. Christin, Becky, Emily, Andrew, Rachael, and Scott

The Sibling pyramid
The huge, very nice house where Mita lives.

Michelle, Andrew, Emily, and Rachael visiting Mita. She looked so good.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Trip to Oregon

After almost a year and a half since the last visit to Medford, OR we decided it was time to visit once again. We had the opportunity to see Brian, Jill, and the kids several times over the summer months, but there’s nothing like making the trek to the north. We arrived Friday midday at the cabin where we enjoyed a hot dog lunch while the kids played laser tag. We then got in our swim suits and played a little with all of the water toys. We then had some fish for dinner and then continued with fishing at the lake with the kids. I was the only big kid that really wanted to fish, but we caught a few small ones. The next morning we hung out, watched some movies, talked, and then had lunch. After a quick clean up we headed to the house just about 45 minutes away. We visited the farm to see the horses, pick some blackberries, and feed the bees. Sunday we had church and then dinner with Brian’s parents, but before dinner we each got a turn driving in their new Honda convertible. Jill took the girls and Brian took me. Even though it had been many years since driving a stick shift, Brian was insistent that I give it a try. I enjoyed the opportunity. For our last day Brian took me fishing on the Rogue river while the girls hung out. For my first time of real fishing I didn’t do too bad. I hooked two fish that got away, but half way through I was able to catch two more. One was pretty big and the other about half its size. Since we went fishing a little sooner than we thought I forgot sunscreen so I was a bit redder than I wanted to be. To make matters worse it was just on one side of my body. Putting the pain aside it was worth it. After a nice roast dinner at Brian’s parents we headed back to the house for our final night. Early Tuesday morning we got in the car and headed home to start work once again. Jill and Brian thanks once again for opening your home to us. We always enjoy a good visit.

Jill, Nettie, and Michelle hanging out on the dock

Nothing like a little ring around the rosie

Jill and Michelle on the kayak. Don't work too hard Michelle

We might be a little too heavy for the water tramp

One of the huge fish we caught at the lake. I mean look at the size compared to those hemostats.
Jill knows how to handle those fish.

Lizzy, Sophie, Ethan, and Andrew with the catch of the day.

Fishing at the lake

Michelle, Jill, and Nettie

Now the pro fishing. The biggest fish I have ever caught.

The second biggest fish I have ever caught.

Celebrating Sophie doing all of her reading assignments over the summer.