Friday, July 10, 2009


For the last six years or so, Michelle has gone rafting down the Snake River with an old friend she’s known since her waitressing days at Frontier Pies named Owen. Owen started out taking small groups of friends down the river several times during the summer, but since everyone started moving away over the last several years he’s condensed it down to a once a year mega Family/Friend trip. Last year was my first time and I loved it so since it again happens at the end of our Bear Lake trip we made the two hour drive up to Jacksonole, Wyoming for the two day rafting adventure. All I have to say is it is well worth it. Getting five trips down the river leaves us with no complaints. The rafting was exciting, the food was great, and the company of forty or more relatives and friends makes it a thrilling event we are sure to attend as long as we are within driving range. Thanks Owen and Fam for the warm welcome and invite. Pictures to come when we finally get them.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Bear Lake

Every year my Grandpa Woolley takes all of his kids, grand kids, and great-grand kids to Blue Water Beach Resort at Bear Lake. This has been a family tradition for years and one I hope never ends. If you ask any of his posterity what their favorite vacation spot is, they will all say, "Bear Lake."
This year was full of many fun memories. We spent most of our time at the "beach." Each day, my Uncle Rick would dig a trench to create a "hot tub" for the little kids to play in. Mark and Brad built their famous sand sculptures while the rest of us relaxed in our beach chairs. This year, it was a little bit windy and so riding the wave runners was quit the experience. The waves were amazing. We did not have to chase after boats to get great waves because they were everywhere. I won the title for submerging the wave runner the most It was a blast.
Every night we would all gather at my Uncle Rick's place to play games, tell stories, and reminisce about the past. One night we had a talent show. The little kids loved it. At the end, my 5 year old niece sang How great thou art. It was amazing. We all sat there in awe.
The trip was fantastic. We were all thrilled when Grandpa told us he had reserved our spots for next year. Thanks Grandpa for making this possible for us. We love you so much.
Scary Chelsea

Tina and Ben

Andrew, Michelle, Dy, Ethan, Cameron, and Baby Candice hanging out

Michelle and I in our Woolley Coat of Arms shirts

The Martin Clan, except for Brett who had to work

Three of six sister, Nettie, Michelle, and Dy

Cameron, Rachel, and Baby Candice

Papa Martin with future Brother-in-law Darren

Jill, Brian, and the kids, Andrew, Sophie, Ethan, and Lizzy

Russell and Nicole

Finally, the ones that make this Bear Lake trip possible, Grandma and Grandpa Woolley