Friday, July 23, 2010

Visit from the Cardons

Over the Pioneer Day weekend my parents came to visit.  As usual we spent a lot of time hanging out at our apartment.  Drew had gotten sick just a few days before and wasn't very comfortable, but my parents enjoyed being able to spend more time with him.  We hit up our usual spots of Leatherby's and Texas Roadhouse.  We also spent some time looking at a few houses as Michelle and I are looking for more space.  On Tuesday we went down with my parents to visit BYU.  Before arriving we stopped for lunch an Kneaders with Michelle's mom.  After a quick tour around the WILK we headed to my parents real destination, the BYU Creamery.

We even let Drew have his first taste of ice cream.  Drew wasn't shy about wanting more.  He loved it more than we would like to admit.  We will have to be careful as to not make it a habit of feeding it to him.

Before long we were saying goodbye to my parents.  We know that they had a fantastic time just relaxing and not having any specific plans and of course their favorite part was being able to spend more time with Drew.

We are glad you were able to make it and can't wait to see you guys up here again next year.

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Step Back in Time..... International Friends Unite!

A few weeks ago I got an email from an old friend and roommate that I had at BYU. In his email he made reference to a little club that we started in the summer of 2002, The International Friends. All of the guys in the group had known each other from their freshman year before they had gone on missions, except for me. I got adopted into the group after I moved back to Utah without knowing anyone to start school again. Tim and Ryan lived down stairs from me and after randomly stopping at their apartment and just sitting down on their couch and talking we became friends. Soon after Robbie, Scott, Adam, Nate, and Josh returned to BYU. Since the entire group served in different countries around the world and we each had met a variety of people from different parts of the world, we decided to make a club celebrating the diversity of people we knew. We even created T-shirts (that I still have) that we would wear to football games. Although our group was small, it was strong in spirit. We took the following pictures one summer afternoon up on “Y” Mountain. We all wore soccer jerseys representing our mission countries or language.
Andrew, Adam, Scott, Tim, Ryan, Nate, and Robbie

I know they look a little cheesy, especially the one with our shirts off, but it shows the things you do when you’re young and they now make for some good memories.
Several years down the road, after some of the members had gotten married and a few were ready to graduate and move on, we had an International Friends Reunion (no photos). We made new shirts (that I still wear) and had a BBQ up Provo Canyon. It has now been over five years since that last get together. All of us have gotten married, several of us have kids, and we are now spread across the United States, but we all have some type of contact with at least one ore more members of the original group. It only goes to show that once an International Friend, always an International Friend. We hope down the road we can all get together once again to reunite. Thanks Tim again for the great photos. It’s been a blast from the past and great to be reminded of some of the best moments I had at BYU.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

ChuckyCheese……. What a Bonus!

To finish our time with Jill and the kids before they left for Oregon we took a trip down to Costco for some pizza. Our little lunch adventure turned into two hours of walking around eating free Creamies and other samples offered on a usual Saturday.

Drew was even able to enjoy a little taste of the action. We couldn't get him to stop chewing on the crust and when we took it away he just cried.

From Costco we attempted to try the arcades at a new Pirate themed restaurant, but when we discovered that they had no token specials we left and headed to our usual fun zone Chucky Cheese. With 300 tokens burning in our pockets, both young and old hit the games.

After almost ten tokens I hit the jackpot and got over 100 tickets in this game of skill, speed, and accuracey. I was quite proud of myself.

The basketball hoop was a favorite of the adults and as usual a challenge of who could get the top score. Darren beat everyone by a mile, but Jill was a good second. Although Michelle and I didn’t succeed with the basketball we both scored big on the hit the target with the spinning light game.

Michelle couldn't take everyone else having so much success that she tried the same game as me and hit the jackpot herself. What can I say, we are one amazingly amazing couple.

After the last ticket was counted we had over 1800 tickets in total for the kids to spend. Were the prizes worth the 30 plus dollars we spent, no, but no price can be put on spending time with the fam. Thanks once again for the fun times Jill. We can’t wait to see you again.

Friday, July 9, 2010

River Rafting

As usual, to finish our week of fun we headed up toward Jackson, WY for our yearly river rafting trip down the Snake River with our friend’s Owen and Brianna along with a whole bunch of other people. We headed out early on Friday morning and arrived just in time to catch the first run of the day. Michelle decided to stay back to watch Drew and take pictures of us rafting as she was afraid she might fall off the raft and drown leaving Drew parent less while Nettie and I went down on Owen’s raft. Within no time all of us had a chance to be thrown into the water, one of Owen’s favorite activities. Although it was cold at first the ride was a lot better after having been completely immersed in the water. Michelle got caught up with feeding Drew and missed taking pictures of our run. Once we hit the loading ramp we made our way back to the top to go down the river again. Michelle stayed back again to watch Drew. Nettie and I once again tagged along on Owen’s raft.
This time as we made our way to the rapids called Lunch Counter, Michelle was waiting with the camera. As we made our way over the first few rapids we got hit with a rapid that threw me along with a few others off the raft.

After just a few second of being under water I broke through the top of the water grabbed my oar and waited for the rapids to take me to calmer water. After a few minutes I was picked up by our other raft and delivered back to my original raft to finish the run.

When we got back to the cars Michelle had gotten some decent pictures of the experience. Since Jill had come into town we decided to only stay the day and would only have one more opportunity to go down the river before we had to leave for home. With only one more chance we talked Michelle into going down the river, but made me stay behind to take care of Drew and take pictures. After a long period of Drew being fussy, hungry, and tired, Michelle and Nettie’s raft came into site ready to take on the Lunch Counter.
I took some amazing pictures as they battled the rapids and once again lost a few passengers. Michelle and Nettie were relieved to not be among those who fell off, but you can see the great facial expressions on Michelle as she realizes what has happened.

After it was all over Michelle was glad she went down the river. The trip wouldn’t have been the same if she hadn’t. Before leaving we took a picture with Owen and his wife, got a bite to eat, and headed home. I wish I would have been able to show you all the pictures, but there were too many so I have included the picasa web album link for your viewing pleasure.

Owen has decided to do river rafting every other year now with a Lake Powell trip the other years. It will be interesting to see if we will be able to make those trips, but as long as there is a possibility we will do our best not to miss it. Thanks once again Owen and Brianna for the wonderful adventure.