Friday, August 26, 2011

I'm Going to Disneyland - By Michelle

My sister Jill and her family were going on a family vacation to California.  Luckily, they invited anyone in the family to tag along.  Jill and Brian should know better by now that if they invite, we come.  Nettie, Dyana, Bracken, Drew, and I were able to fly out early (5 a.m.) Friday morning.  Drew had a very hard time on the flight.  He was so tired and just cried and cried.  Luckily about half way through the flight, he fell asleep.  My dad picked us up from the airport and our adventures began.  

We spent most of the day Friday being lazy.  In the afternoon we went to Cameron and Rachel neighborhood pool and went swimming. The kids played and played in the kiddy pool.  Towards the end, Nettie took Drew over to the hot tub.  He absolutely LOVED it.  He did not want to get out.  Every time he got back into the regular pool, he jumped out and ran towards the hot tub.  It was so cute to watch. 
Saturday was spent at the beach.  We took over the only cabana on the beach.  It was perfect.  The kids just played and played in the sand, while we sat in the shade.  I could have stayed there forever-I just love watching the waves come in.  Drew preferred digging in the sand and Bracken preferred being in the water with his mom.  He got braver and braver as the day went on and by the end would jump the waves without any help from his mom.  That night we had a BBQ with my mom’s cousin Nancy and her husband Wade.  I love that we are so close to our extended relatives.  While we were at Cameron and Rachel’s, we ate like kings and queens.  Rachel made the most amazing meals.  Thanks for all of your hard work.

Sunday, after church, we all drove up to Anaheim, California to meet up with Jill and her family.  We stayed in a hotel that was minutes away from Disney Land.  We were all so excited to be with one another again. 

Monday and Tuesday were spent at Disney Land and California Adventure.  Monday morning we were at the gates before they opened in true Martin fashion.  I am not sure what we were thinking but we had 5 kids under the age of 2.  The kids were all amazing, only a few major melt downs the whole time.  I have always told Andrew that I would never take my kids to Disney Land until they were 8 because I wanted them to enjoy every ride.  Well, Drew was not even close to being eight but he had a blast.  I was amazed at how many rides he could ride.  Some of his favorites were the tea cups, it’s a small world and the merry-go-round.  It is fun to see Bracken and Drew interact with each other.  They get along so well.  It is also fun to see their personalities come out.  Bracken was definitely more reserved and hesitant about riding most of the rides.  He did not like any of the rides that had any “darkness” to them.  I was amazed that at such a young age, he could already sense that.  They both enjoyed it’s a small world; they were both dancing to the music and pointing to everything. 

Both days, we came home around dinner time to eat and let the kids swim and then went immediately back to the park until it closed.  My parents, especially my mom cracked me up.  They would come back to the hotel with us, eat, and then immediately go back to the park.  My dad was such a good sport and went with my mom.  He even went on rides I know he does not prefer.   We had a fantastic time.  Everyone loved it.  Thanks Jill and Brian for your kindness and generosity.

Wednesday we went to the beach with all of the kids.  The weather was perfect.  We did not have the luxury of the cabana, but we did have one umbrella.  I am sure people thought we were crazy because we were all trying to get under the shade.  It was one big clump of people.  Cameron taught Andrew how to boggy board.  I was amazed at their skill.  This time, Drew thought the water was great.  He played and played in the water.  Digging in the sand was definitely all of the kids favorite thing to do.  It was a blast. 
Unfortunately, all things have to come to an end and that evening, we flew back to Utah.  The kids were great little travelers.  Thanks for the fun time and the many memories.          

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Friend Get Together

Our friends Bill and Karen were in town from Idaho and they wanted to see the old gang so we decided to have a get together over at our house.  We had a great time catching up on all the events of the past few months since our last get together and of course we had some really good food.  Michelle has been friends or roommates with all of these girls and they have kept in touch pretty well over the years even with those out of state with their Friday emails.  Can't wait for the next one.