Friday, February 24, 2012

Braeden 4 Month Stats

Braeden had his four month appointment today on his actual four month birthday.  It is crazy to see how much time has flown by.  It was a pretty uneventful visit, except for his shots, but he is growing at about an average rate.  His 4 month stats are as followed:

Braeden's 4 Month Stats
Height: 25.1 in (59%)
Weight: 13lbs 9oz (24%)
Head: 16.75 in (58%)

Friday, February 17, 2012

President's Day Weekend in AZ

President's day fell on my week off and Michelle had a long weekend from work so we decided we wanted to do something fun and go somewhere warm.  After looking at our options we decided to visit my family in Arizona.  Since Rachael would have been the only one not in Arizona she also decided to come down at the same time.  We left Thursday night, by car, after Michelle got off of work and stopped a few hours outside of Phoenix to get some sleep.  We finished the drive Friday mid day and enjoyed a few hours of relaxation.  That night we got together at the park by my parent's house and had a little picnic while the kids played.

The weather was just perfect.  It wasn't hot at all, but nice and cool.  We just sat on the grass and watched the kids play.  Summer was nice enough to take some pictures for us.  She is becoming a wonderful photographer.

On Saturday we had a pretty chill day.  We did however have another visit to the park by my sister Christin's house.  We decided to have taco salads for dinner and enjoy the nice weather yet again.  Drew loved playing in the sand and he was accompanied by his cousin Taylor who also loves to play in the sand.  It is nice to see that although there is a 10+ age difference between the two that they can still have fun together.

Summer did another great job at taking pictures for me and I am tempted to make her the official Arizona trip picture taker so I don't have to be in charge of capturing the moments.  The sunset was beautiful and there was plenty of light through the evening to allow us to have lots of fun.

On Sunday my father took us to see the Gilbert Temple which is under construction.  His company was the one that did all of the steel work for the job so it was fun to see it with some of the walls missing so we could admire his companies work.  Unfortunately the visitor center was closed on this particular Sunday so we couldn't get a really good look at the design, but we were close enough.  We hope that when the temple is finished we will be able to come down for the special pre-tour of the temple that is for those that have worked on building it and their families.

We tried to get a picture with Drew looking at the camera, but he wouldn't hold still.  He wanted to get on the ground and play in the dirt.

Drew's favorite part was all of the dirt and the construction cones that he could pick up and move around.  Don't worry they weren't being used for anything important.  This visit to the temple site was a great way to

It hadn't been long since we had been in Arizona for Christmas, but it turned out to be a great vacation for all of us.  We love it when we have time to visit family and we always have a good time.