Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dinner at the Martin's

Michelle's parents were nice enough to invite several of us over for dinner.  Most of them had tickets to the BYU game and were in the area already.  Since we didn't have any plans and we are always up for some free home cooked meals we decided we couldn't pass it up.  We were joined by Chelsea, Darren, Tina, Ben, Dy,Brett, Bracken, Leah, and Nettie.

The boys had fun playing together.  Michelle's mom tied a string with a tennis ball on the end to the jungle gym so they could try and hit it.  Bracken is pretty good at these sport activities.  Drew is still working on his coordination, but I'm sure, I hope, he will get it soon enough.

Drew has this habit of sticking his finger up his nose.  I know it is something that most kids go through at some point, but he can get his finger up there pretty far.  We tell him not too, but he doesn't listen all too well and he keeps doing it.  It becomes a game to him.

After dessert we let the boys play in the pool.  Carol thought sand was a little too messy so she bought a kiddie pool and filled it with corn kernels.  I am not sure if it is any cleaner because Drew loves to fill up cups or his hands and throw the corn out of the pool.  I think its a good idea.

Thanks Glenn and Carol for the good food and company.  It is always fun to spend time with family and let the cousins get to know each other better.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Utah State Fair

Last year was the first year I had ever been to any state fair.  Michelle, Drew, Nettie, and I went and we had a blast.  Drew loved all of the animals so we were looking forward to taking him to the fair again this year.  Unfortunately since Michelle was put on bed rest we thought we wouldn't be able to make it.  Nettie talked Michelle into letting Drew and I go with her so she could enjoy watching him with the animals.

On our way to the next barn we stopped in at the pig contest.  It was kind of funny because there were all of these high school kids dressed up in jeans and dress shirts and ties using these sticks to "control" their pigs.  The would walk around the arena and look in the direction of the judge.  It was actually quite funny.  We didn't stay to see who won, but I don't even know what they are judging. Oh well.

To this point we hadn't gotten the reaction from Drew that we had wanted.  We had just gone through one of the barns and we came across these large fans.  Drew loves fans and sometimes he gets a little to close with his fingers.  Next year we will know to visit the fans first to get him excited.

I couldn't help but let Drew take a ride on the pony.  We waited patiently for our turn and I wasn't sure how Drew would do.  He didn't get as excited as I had hoped, but I had a lot of fun.

We watched the sea lion show for over a half hour.  Drew was on my shoulders for the whole thing so I couldn't see his face, but Nettie said that his face was just like this picture the whole time.  When there was music I could feel Drew dancing on my shoulders.  I think he liked it.

One of our last stops was to look at the horses.  I think they are wonderful animals and I think it would be fun to own some one day.  Drew was a little hesitant at first, but then he wanted to pet them.  Near the end the horse would nudge Drew and make him laugh.

After last year all I wanted was a funnel cake, but with the high prices at the fair I wasn't sure if I would go for it, but I couldn't resist so I went for the cheapest one on the menu.  It was alright, but I think it needed a little more sugar or a little more of the good stuff I passed up on.  Drew also enjoyed it.

After we got our funnel cake we sat on this park bench by the free fall ride.  Drew loved the ride so much he would just stare at it.  We probably spent a good half an hour watching it go up and down.

We had a great time.  Thanks Nettie for talking us into going to the fair.  We will have to go again next year when Michelle can join us and we can all have fun together.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Drew Man

Here are a few random pictures I found over the last few weeks that show just how cute our little boy is.  He is so fun to have around and as Michelle would say he's just pure joy and makes us so happy.