Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pioneer Day

For Pioneer Day, after we went to the splash pad with my mom, we headed to Michelle's brother Cameron's house to have a BBQ and to set off some fireworks and just have a good time.  The kids loved getting on the trampoline.

Drew use to be a little hesitant about the trampoline, but it seems that his fears have gone away and he just loves it.  He loved it so much he was going crazy jumping and running around on it that we thought there would be a few times that he would fall off.

Braeden enjoyed it as long as he was being held and not too much jumping around was going on, but with Drew and the other kids there wasn't much chance of that happening so he got a little scared a few times.

Uncle Russell and Cameron were nice enough to jump on the trampoline with the kids in their arms and then take them for a fast ride around the backyard in the wagon.  It was hard to make each kid wait their turn.

Braeden just thought it was the best to sit back, relax, and watch everyone do the different activities.  He especially like watching fly up in mid-air with Nettie.

My mom and Rachael left the party early to go to the store and then to go home and pack while the rest of us stayed behind for a little bit longer.  Although it wasn't dark yet, Michelle and I thought we should get home so I could spend a little more time with my mom before we left.  Cameron was nice enough to light a few fireworks before we had to go.  I must say that they are more spectacular in the dark, but the kids still loved them.

You could see the joy on the kid's faces.  As each firecracker was lit, Drew would look at it with an intense face and then he would smile as the sparks would begin to pour out and at the end of each firework he would clap his hand in excitement.

The weather was great and the company was even better.  We hope that Cameron and Rachel will be able to stay for a while in their house so we can spend even more time getting together at their place.

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