Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Grandma and Grandpa Cardon Visit

To escape the heat, and see the grand kids too, my parents decided to make a visit from Arizona.  They arrived on Tuesday afternoon after a quick visit in St. George with my dad's brother and his kids.  Drew was excited to see them.

For the last month or so my dad has been talking about going to this Italian restaurant that he heard about from one of his friends called Cucina Toscana, located in downtown Salt Lake.  He wanted to take us out for dinner there one night.  I pulled up their website and found that their prices were a little bit higher than our usual places to eat, but my dad didn't want to pass it up so we decided to go.  Michelle met us there after work.  None of us could decide on just one thing so we all got something different and had them split it four ways.  The food was actually really good and we had a great night out without the kids.

At the end of the dinner they gave us some hot coco with little biscotti.  The coco was just as thick and rich as I remember it in Italy, but it sure was good.  I did unfortunately spill a little on my white shirt, but luckily we weren't going anywhere but home after dinner.

Because we had our pass of all passes my parents wanted to go to the water park with us.  We went in the afternoon so their tickets wouldn't cost too much.  We were lucky enough to find out that for card members tubes were free after 5pm so we enjoyed a few more rides than usual and my parents even did a few.

On Saturday we just chilled at home for most of the day.  One of Michelle's co-workers was celebrating her 40th wedding anniversary  so we had to leave our kids and the rest of the family for a little while so we could drive up to Ogden and attend.

 Our church meetings don't start till 11am so it was nice to have the morning to rest a little and and finish preparing my lesson.  Church was really good and the kids had fun sitting with my parents.  That evening we had a good dinner and then Braeden got to spend some time with his aunt Rachael and his grandma Cardon.

My dad had to leave Monday morning to get back to work, but since both Rachael and I had the 24th off my mom wanted to stay till Wednesday morning.  That meant my dad had to drive home alone.  Good thing he likes to take drives.  It was sad to see him leave.

On Monday we were able to go to the Pioneer Pageant for free.  I had actually never heard of it before and didn't even know that it was held a few miles away from our house so we couldn't pass it up.  Drew really liked it when the Indian dancers performed and when the firetruck came by.  His next favorite part was the fireworks that were going off during most of the last part of the performance.  He loves fireworks.  At the beginning of the show they had some parachute people come down and try to land on a mark in the middle of the stadium and the whole time Michelle was having a heart attack.  Especially when one of them missed the mark and landed in another field.  She thought he was going to die or something.  Everyone was looking at her.

On Tuesday for the holiday we went to a splash pad about 15 minutes away from our house and although it was a little colder than normal we had a lot of fun watching Drew run around in the water.  We then had a BBQ at Cameron's house, but that's a post of its own.  We then headed home and my mom got her stuff ready for her flight in the morning.

My mom had to catch her plane early the next morning and we were sad to have both of my parents gone, but we will see them in a few months for Thanksgiving so we will just have to wait.  Thanks for the great time.

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